Introduction to Floki King Coin
Floki King's mission and aim is to Honor his subjects with rewards for their loyalty.
Subjects that hold the Floki King's coin will be reward with BNB's !!

Why BNB Coin? The King demands it and we deliver whatever he wishes!
In this world of altcoins, we would need to maximize our gains and focus on the best possible way to reward the holders, without losing too much to taxes
and similar factors. Rewarding in other altcoins with a certain tax rate would lower everyone's gain drastically, hence why we choose the coin of the land we live in. There is nothing better than investing BNB into a coin and being rewarded with BNB back.



Floki King coin Tokenmomics
There is a 14% buy and sell tax. This tax rate will encourage the holders with its juicy redistribution to hold on to their shares to gain, as well as prevent any market manipulation and similar. The liquidity and marketing share will allow the coin to gain a force of attraction for more investors.


Network:                             Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Name:                                  Floki king

Symbol:                               FLK

Contract address:              

Decimals:                            18

Total Supply: